Take A Life Changing Domestic Violence Class Online Today!

by Dr. Ari Novick – March 5, 2013

The goal of a domestic violence class is to help change the behavior or break the cycle of violence against women and loved ones that result in physical abuse, threats and/or emotional abuse. Generally, a domestic violence offender tries to maintain control over the victim in an intimate relationship. Examples of this type of abuse are not only battering, but can also be stalking, marital rape, child abuse, financial withholding, isolating victims from friends and family members, elder abuse, and maintaining control over technology to the outside world.

Domestic violence classes provide offenders with new tools to help them better manage this unhealthy behavior. Participants learn how to understand and stop the cycle of abuse, how to effectively listen and communicate feelings and needs, empathy, skills in stress management and legal issues involved with domestic violence. Most importantly, clients will learn different how to take responsibility for their actions by watching for trigger signs and utilizing new ways to cope with their angry feelings.

DV classes are appropriate for self-improvement purposes as well as to fulfill a court mandate. Many people find that it’s difficult to physically attend a batterer’s intervention class because of work schedules, travel distances to the classroom and home life. A solution to this problem is to take the class online. High quality online domestic violence classes are available at the click of a button. The participant can be sitting anywhere in the country with Internet access and simply choose the length of class they need to enroll in. Once registered, the class becomes available immediately on the computer screen. There is nothing to print out or download. The entire class is taken on the computer from you hotel room, home, library or even coffee shop.

Online classes are completely self-paced. The participant can take the class whenever they have time 24/7. There is no time limit, so you can take it all at once, or spread it out over weeks or even months. If you are under an upcoming deadline, online courses give you the opportunity to take and finish the class up quickly instead of having to wait to attend a weekly traditional classroom course.

Many jurisdictions across the country are open to having their offenders fulfill domestic violence education online. It is suggested that clients get prior approval from their judge, probation officer or attorney to guarantee a distance learning class will be accepted. For customers who can’t get through to a real person in the court system and want to go ahead and take the class anyway, be sure to choose a program that offers a 100% refund guarantee. Specifically, find one that will give you your money back if the court won’t accept the class after you have already taken it.

Clients that enroll in online dv classes can print out proof of enrollment and progress reports to show the authorities. At the end of the class a Certificate of Completion is provided as part of the cost of the class. This is the official documentation that states the number of hours and type of course completed. Finally, be sure that the course you choose also has a good customer service help desk in case any questions need to be answered in a timely manner. Take an online domestic violence class today to learn how to overcome the behavior and get your life back to a healthier, safer and happier place.

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