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Our 32 hour DV class is one of the most common online DV or BIPP classes we provide online. It is highly comprehensive and teaches the student about how their abusive behavior affects others. The 32 hour online class is the typical equivalent to a 32 week class. Students can expect to learn all the same concepts taught in an in person class, but in an online format. The program is also ideal for those that can not attend a physical class due to program proximity, work or family obligations or simply to reduce expenses. The program is monitored and administered by Dr. Ari Novick, licensed psychotherapist.

Students will learn skills to decrease violence, improve relationships and gain a better understanding of our controlling behaviors create problematic relationships. Every student enrolled will receive an instant downloadable "proof of enrollment" form and a "Certificate of Completion" after they finish the class. Progress reports are also available upon request. We recommend getting prior approval before enrolling to ensure the online format will be acceptable for your specific requirements.

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Program Price
32 Hour Domestic Violence / Batterer Intervention Class $575.00 Register

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