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Mobile Friendly takes customer feedback very seriously. At the end of each class, we offer an optional survey that students can fill out giving us some brief information about how felt about the program they just completed. We use customer input to help improve our classes and refine the user experience. No comment goes unread and we never disclose a customer's identity without their written permission. Below are just a few of the comments we've received regarding our online Domestic Violence classes.

“I had a 52 hour domestic violence requirement from court. Due to financial problems I put it off. was less expensive than in person classes and I was able to finish all 52 hours quickly and easily. After turning the certificate of completion in to the Judge, I was finally done with my legal requirements! I even learned a lot from the program too. Thank you so much.”
Donovan D – El Paso, TX
“Before taking this class, I had always blamed my behavior on others. I thought it was my wife's fault for making me get so upset, jealous and controlling. taught me that these feelings are within my control and that other people don't make me behave badly, I do. No only did I fulfill my court ordered domestic violence, I also am a better man for taking the class.”
Ryan H. – Miami, FL
“When I first signed up for this class, I thought it was going to be totally lame, boring and uninspiring. I mean seriously, who would want to take a DV class? When I completed the 26 hours I was required, I realized that I had a lot of problems and really needed this class. It was a real wake up call to my behavior and the changes I need to make. Excellent program.”
Marc W. – Phoenix, AZ
“This class literally saved my life. I live in an area where finding a domestic violence class is nearly impossible. Taking the class online was really easy and convenient. I learned so much about myself and how to change the way I handle myself with my kids and wife.”
Elliot W. – Hugo, CO
“Ending the cycle of violence is so important to me now. I didn't even realize what I had been doing for so many years. This class was a real eye opener. I was able to meet my court obligations, and learn some new ways of dealing with my family.”
Arnold G – Springfield, IL
“When the Judge slapped me with this 52 hour DV requirement, my jaw dropped to the floor. I thought, sh$#, this sucks. After completing this program, I have a whole new perspective on life and how I want to approach my relationships. The class was also about ½ the cost of the local program in my area, so it was a big cost savings too. Thank you DVclass!”
Peter K – Indianapolis, ID
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