Recognize and Change Abusive Behavior With A 12-Hour Domestic Violence Class

by Dr. Ari Novick – February 12, 2013

This Valentine’s Day is a good time to reevaluate your relationship with your loved one. Are you providing a safe, healthy and happy environment for one another? Or, has it become emotionally or physically abusive? This is a good time for both the abuser and victim to reflect on past behavior and make a change. For the victim, this might mean that it’s time to take the difficult step of getting out. For the perpetrator who is ready and willing to take the proper steps to break the cycle, this means getting help through an anger management class or one-on-one therapy.

Domestic violence is a serious matter. Did you know that the most recent studies show that in the U.S., 24 people per minute experience intimate partner violence? The chances of a girl in high school experiencing violence while dating are 1 out of 3? And, the likelihood of a man who grew up in family with domestic violence of growing up and becoming an abuser is 3 – 4 times as high as a man who didn’t? The saddest statistic is that the average number of times that a woman will be hit by her spouse before reporting it to the police is 35!

Many men don’t realize the extent of their domination and control because they grew up learning this behavior and don’t see anything wrong with it. It is often difficult for women to get out of these types of relationships, no matter how unhappy they are, because of financial constraints. Women are afraid to leave their children behind but don’t have the monetary means to get out, so they stay. Or, they have been threatened with violence if they make a move.

Domestic violence or anger management classes are a good way to start the process of change and healing. They are educationally based to teach clients methods to recognize triggers, learn skills to rehabilitate and prevent the cycle of physical or emotional abuse from continuing. Course topics include:

· What is domestic violence

· Recognizing the signs

· The legal issues associated with domestic violence

· Steps to take to stop the behavior

· Stress and anger management skills

· Effective communication skills

· Empathy and emotional sensitivity towards others

The most convenient and low stress way to take this type of course is online. A 12-hour domestic violence class can be taken from any Internet connected computer device. The client simply enrolls online and the class becomes immediately available on the computer screen. There are no books or pages to print out. Simply scroll through the course and gain an education in how to create a safe, healthy and stable family environment.

Online classes are becoming more and more popular and with this we are seeing jurisdictions across the country that now accept online dv classes for court mandates. If you need to take a class to fulfill a court order, simply check with your judge to get approval for a distance learning class. Taking an online domestic violence class will enable you to save money in gas, save time in your busy day and gain privacy for a personal matter!

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