52 Hour Domestic Violence Class Online

This 52 hour DV class is our most comprehensive program available. Most people take this class to meet the requirements of a court or legal requirement related to domestic violence. While 52 hours may seem like a long time, this class is both educational and informational in a way that most customers say “was life changing”. DV is a serious issue that effects millions of Americans each year. If you are required to take this class, you are not alone. Learning how to end the cycle of violence and addressing issues related to power and control in relationships is part of the educational goal of this class.

Here are some key facts about Domestic Violence:

  • A battering or DV incident is rarely an isolated occurrence
  • Assaults tend to increase rather than decrease over time
  • Close to 45% of battered woman are assaulted during pregnancy
  • Separation alone does not end DV
  • Close to 8 million women have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives.

Getting help for domestic violence is literally at your finger tips. This 52 hour program is often required by most state courts. Learn more about our disclaimer, guarantee and course syllabus before registering for this class.

52 Hour DV Class

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